100 Hours of Conversation Campaign Success

My Life Films 13 / 07 / 2020

As our usual method of helping improve the lives of people living with dementia
was put on hold, due to lockdown, we decided to divert our time and energy in
other ways. We launched our 100 hours of conversation campaign with the aim of
helping those living with dementia feel less lonely during these difficult times.

Many people have struggled with the feeling of loneliness during this pandemic.
However, dementia sufferers already experience isolation and loneliness regardless
of the strict lockdown measures that had been put in place. It is apparent that
many people living with dementia rely on everyday social interactions outside of
the home to survive. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to help keep people
living with dementia connected to the world. We partnered our film makers with
250 people living with dementia. Our film makers called people, whom we had
previously made films for, once a week for one hour during lockdown. This offered
people the chance to have a friendly chat about their lives, families and even
problems if that was the case. They were free to communicate with someone every
week who really took the opportunity to listen and connect with them.

Our campaign has been a huge success. With reports of improved mood,
decreased loneliness and an increase in overall wellbeing from callers. We received
some lovely feedback from a family member of one of our callers. They begin their
message by saying “Mum’s chats with you are of so much benefit, particularly in
these challenging times”. They continue, “She looks forward to your calls with
eager anticipation and is happy throughout the rest of the day… It also helps me
as I am always so pleased and relaxed to see her so very happy and engaging”.
The family member concludes “How can we ever thank you for that gift?”. It is truly
heartwarming to know, as a charity, we are helping improve the wellbeing of those
living with dementia and that we are making such a positive impact on their lives.

As lockdown comes to an end and people return to their normal lives we are aware
there may be less need for the calls. However, due to the positive reception and
feedback we have decided to continue the calls as long as they are needed. If you
would like to support My Life Films and our dedication to improving the wellbeing
of those living with dementia you can donate here.

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