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My Life Films has created a range of film-based services that improve the mental health and wellbeing of people living with dementia, enable their care staff to deliver person-centred care and give their primary carers opportunities for respite and shared, meaningful activity.

Our life story films

‘Good Memories are nice, why? Because they make us feel better!’, Dr. Lawrence

Our Biographical Filmmaking Service has made films for over 300 PLD and 90% of our families reported that the films improved the mental health and wellbeing of PLD.

One of our service users wrote; ‘The film has been a great asset to my Mum, when she has been watching it, she lives each moment and it keeps those memories going, she has lost so much of her past this helps her more than photos and us talking to her.”

Our latest impact study improves on our results from before, with:
89% of respondents (16/18) reported that MLTV improved the mood and wellbeing of PLD

“By calming agitation, it has made evenings easier to manage”

“It keeps mum from getting bored”

“Excellent for filling in dull moments, especially singing and music”

87.5% of care staff (⅞) said it helped them to better manage the mood of residents

“It has given us a range of additional activities to be able to provide at the centre which enhances service users’ enjoyment and interaction”

“For residents that can’t or won’t go out, My Life TV has been an amazing tool to have. Things can get a little repetitive and dull, so having a whole library of short films and songs is pure gold”

“86% of primary carers (12/14) said that made a positive difference to their lives “

A clinical study by South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in 2019 concluded that our films can decrease dementia symptom levels, improve quality of life, help care staff to deliver person-centred care, support routine care and in some instances, reduce drug use.

Dementia-friendly TV – a game changer for our residents

Many people living with dementia in care homes and at home experience poor mental health because they are isolated without mental stimulation. TV could be the easiest way to address this but mainstream television is not dementia-friendly because it features fast plots, complex information and loud music.

My Life TV provides people with dementia with easy, unlimited access to dementia-friendly TV, curated for their cognitive needs.

My Life TV keeps people with dementia engaged and occupied with meaningful activities, the programmes can help improve mood, quality of life and care and address agitation, anxiety and apathy. It also provides opportunity for respite to carers or delivery of care.

“…it has a calming or uplifting affect to all the residents in the care setting, it has opened up lots of new conversations.”


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In the Media

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In the Media

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