100 Hour of Conversation

My Life Films 25 / 06 / 2020

People living with dementia feel even more lonely and isolated during the current lockdown. Support us to help them.

With our main service put on hold during lockdown, we are diverting our time and energy into helping the 250 people with dementia and families that we’ve made films for already.

We launched ‘100 Hours of Conversation’, where our filmmakers will call our previous beneficiaries for an hour once a week for a friendly conversation about their life, past and present. Our Impact Assessments show how much the people living with dementia love the filmmakers that we assigned them so we are sure that these calls will boost their mood, reduce loneliness and improve their wellbeing. We will also signpost people to local support services and resources, like Mutual Aid groups, if they are in need.

Many experienced isolation and loneliness before coronavirus and relied on social interactions outside of home to survive, like attending a community centre or simply chatting to the shop assistant at the supermarket checkout. Now that they are locked indoors 24/7 and effectively cut off from the world, they really need our help to stay well and connected to the world.


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