Alex Kann has extensive experience in the charity sector. Formerly with the Media Trust he now is the Chief Executive of the Community Channel, a Community Benefit Society and the first supporter-owned national TV channel. Since joining the Community Channel, Alex has tripled audiences and delivered around two thousand hours of new programming, helping showcase 3,000 community and charity stories. At My Life Films, Alex helps the team navigate the third sector by providing advise on measuring impact and securing funding. Alex was voted the chairman of the charity's board in February 2018.

Aileen Jackson currently works for the Health Innovation Network, the Academic Health Science Network for South London as a Senior Project Manager for the dementia and diabetes programme. Aileen is a registered social worker and has over 20 years of experience in the health and social care sector, including workforce development designing and delivering training and as a CCG / LA commissioner. She is passionate about improving the lives of people with dementia and their families and friends.

Piers Kotting works at University College London as the Programme Director for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). He is also an NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow in relation to his work around engagement and empowerment of people affected by dementia. Piers has worked with people with dementia across NHS acute and mental health settings, as well as in care homes and their own homes. He has spent the last 10 years focused on increasing the involvement of people with dementia in research. Pier has previous charity experience with OCD Action, as well as working closely with major UK dementia charities.

Liz Allen is the Principal Gifts Lead at Alzheimer’s Research UK and has worked in the world of charity all of her life. She started her career at Marie Curie Cancer and most recently was Head of Major Donor Fundraising at Orbis. Liz is personally affected by dementia and joined the board of My Life Films after the charity made a film package for her mother. Liz helps to devise a fundraising strategy and brings in valuable experience from her personal experience with dementia.

Founding Trustee Carolin-Marie Roth originally had the idea for My Life Films when she heard that people with dementia are struggling to watch television, as story lines are too complex and fast moving. A filmmaker, producer and former television presenter she knew about the power and deep engagement levels of video and suggested to entertain people living with dementia with their own lives. Her experience as a yoga teacher and founder of Enjoyoga further made her believe that wellbeing and happiness is at the centre of a dignified life, especially when suffering from an illness like dementia.

Jörg Roth is a serial entrepreneur and founding trustee of My Life Films who helps to run the charity on a daily basis. His background is in filmmaking, international TV production and distribution, and more recently in the world of start-ups where he invests into new businesses and helps them grow. Jorg very much treats My Life Films like a start-up and believes that a commercial approach will help to make the charity sustainable. He also trains the filmmakers and executive produces the film packages.

Tim Greifenberg is a professional editor and filmmaker and helped to develop the unique My Life Films package for people with dementia. He is the technical wizard at the charity. Tim boasts a busy and successful career, which has seen him being involved in a wide range of productions for all major UK TV channels. His regularly freelances for BT Sport, where he works across magazine and live studio shows, UEFA Champions League and Premiership Rugby. Tim’s passion for filmmaking and his drive to help others has led to him being involved in My Life Films.