My Life TV for Care Homes

The dementia-friendly channel
For Care Homes and Organisations. Access for up to 30 devices for just £30 a month and 1 month for free. Debit/credit card required for sign up - contact us if you do not have one

A video-on-demand TV channel for people living with dementia

My Life TV is the first video-on-demand TV channel for people living with dementia.

It’s like Netflix with content specifically curated for their cognitive needs, keeping people living with dementia connected to the world and able to enjoy heartwarming, fun and relaxing TV shows.

A fantastic tool for caregivers and activity coordinators, My Life TV helps engage residents and give a sense of enjoyment and relaxation. The high-quality programming can give periods of respite and improve communication between residents and caregivers.

The content ranges from specially produced quizzes, music therapy and singalongs, as well as animal & nature programmes, feelgood content, archive news, popular shows from the 1960s & 1970s, yoga and more.

My Life TV aims to improve the mood and mental wellbeing of people living with dementia, as well as improve social interactions.

Preview some of our My Life TV shows here

Music of the Northern Lights
Pet Babies
Slow TV - Royal Parks
Sing-Along with Mister Meredith
World Landmarks Quiz
A Year to Remember: 1966
Chair Yoga
Slow TV - Hurtigruten Journey

"Complete game-changer for our residents"

Joanna Warren from St. Mary’s Care Home Hampton says that My Life TV has greatly helped some of their residents.

My Life TV can instantly change their mood, making them happy, laughing and interacting with others.

You can learn more about the benefits of dementia-friendly TV on quality of life here.

Here are some frequently answered questions

How do I watch My Life TV on a TV screen?

1. If a customer has a smart TV that includes a web browser, they can visit My Life TV from there, same as they would on a computer

2. Customers can use a laptop or mobile device and plug directly into a TV using an HDMI cord (much like using a DVD player or VCR)

3. If the customer has an Apple TV Device connected to the actual TV, they can use Airplay Mirroring:

4. If they have a Chromecast device, you can use that in conjunction with the Google Chrome desktop browser to watch content on your TV

You can Chromecast from a Chrome browser via your computer or an Android mobile device. Instructions on how to do so for each device can be found in the links below:

Desktop browser:
An Android device screen:

Please note at this time, only external Chromecast devices are supported.

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