Watch a short video of Jo who lives with dementia enjoying her film package:

“Watching the film resets me when I feel low. It makes me feel able to do things and has brought me so much joy.” Mary, living with dementia
The major issues for people living with dementia are their health and wellbeing, low self-esteem and social isolation. Common symptoms of the illness include sadness, frustration, anxiety and becoming aggressive and irritable.

The Alzheimer's Society estimates that 20-40% of people with dementia suffer from depression and low self-esteem. Poor wellbeing and old age means people often become withdrawn and socially isolated from their family, friends and community. The need for our work is immediate.
There is a serious gap in current dementia services across Britain that improve the wellbeing of people with the disease: the impact of current services available, including creative workshops and face-to-face Reminiscence sessions, does not last long beyond the end of their delivery. By contrast, the lasting nature of the Life Story film ensures it can be watched and have an on-going impact for many years.
“When my wife becomes forgetful and disorientated, watching the film focuses and relaxes her. When she becomes anxious, it calms her down.” Tom
Each film helps a person with dementia to reminisce positively over their life on a regular basis, boosting their mood and helping them to recover from low moods quickly. The film also helps people with dementia reconnect with their friends, family and wider community by giving them personal topics of conversation and the self-esteem to socialize with people.
The merits and practical benefits of our films have been recognised by medical professionals, and the positive impact of our work is currently being evaluated in an NHS clinical trial at Cecil Court Care Home, run and funded by South West London and St George’s NHS Trust.
“The Film Packages really help improve our residents’ wellbeing and anxiety. One of our residents was refusing to take her medication, so we showed her the film which really calmed her down and she happily took her medication.” Fiona, Manager of Cecil Court Care Homes, Kew